Our Philosophy
It is said that the man and his clothes are cut from the same cloth. At Camessi, we bring that saying to life. Our philosophy is simple: we believe clothes are an extension of the wearer’s personality and we strive to bring to light the finer aspects of that personality in our products. Our goal is to create the perfect ensemble for the discerning urban man.
The quality of our materials, our supreme attention to detail, the finesse of our handiwork and the flawlessness of our fit are all instrumental in creating an impeccable masterpiece of clothing, one that instantly reserves a place of pride in your wardrobe. It’s time for you to be the man you aspire to be. Be what you wear. Be elegance, be style, be sophistication. Be Camessi.


It’s true that the clothes maketh the man – but there are times when these roles are reversed. With over 50 years of experience, Shanker Shroff and his son, Sanjiv, of Spell Fashion Pvt. Ltd, have earned their place as the blue blood of the textile industry. In 2006, the marked absence of an elegant, well-cut shirt in the Indian clothing market caught their eye – and thus was born the idea of Camessi. Three years later, after perfecting the manufacturing process at their facility in Udaipur, Rajasthan, the impeccable Camessi shirt was launched, right into the welcoming wardrobes of the sophisticated man. The expertise, tireless dedication and infectious zeal of the Shroff family have shone through in Camessi products and services throughout the years and promise to be a beacon of hope for men’s fashion in the years to come.


Strong believers in women empowerment and keenly aware of the role women play in the progress of society, we entrust our production to enterprising craftswomen from neighbouring villages. Extensively trained and carefully mentored, these skilled craftswomen are instrumental in upholding the impeccable standards of quality that Camessi is renowned for.